Broken foot pain reduced

Yesterday I was roasting coffee in the garage associated with a lovely new church plant. We finished up for the day and just as we were getting in the car a lady walked passed on two crutches! I rushed over and offered to pray – first trying to empathise with just how hard it must […]

Wrist healed 

I just took a flight to Stuttgart to catch up with friends on a road trip. I was supposed to catch a ferry from Dover to Calais but carelessly forgot my passport; mind on other things. Anyway, somewhere in my very disrupted day I prayed that God would use me and make something of the […]

At least 20 people saved and at least 5 healed!

My team and I had the honour of ministering in a place called Block A near the Mozambican border. On arrival we prayed for the cousin of the pastor’s fiancé. Her name was Patricia and we first saw her as skin and bones curled up under a blanket. We learnt she was dying. Her body […]

Bone Spur healed

We were reaching out on the streets in Durban when I and a friend came across a lady limping with her family and walking with a crutch. I ran up to her and said it looked super painful; I told her about the lady with the broken foot who we saw healed last week and […]