Foot Broken in 3 places

Yesterday we were reaching out again in our adopted neighbourhood! As we drove up, a lady hobbled out of her house with a plastic cast on her foot. We offered to pray for her, laid hands on it, and literally a few seconds later she took her cast off, put weight on it, and told […]

Right side of the body healed!

I was on a mission trip based out of the School of Urban Missions in Oakland at the weekend. We managed to fit in a morning healing service, an afternoon outreach on the streets, a youth group service and an evening Church service at a Mexican Church – all in 24 hours. At the first meeting I […]

Stopping for the One.

It hit 5.45 and I jumped in the car with 3 friends to race back across down to catch a bus to a ministry trip to San Francisco / Oakland. We were running late. But literally as we pulled away, with the driver winder slightly cracked, a lady called out “can you pray for me.” A millisecond later […]

Achilles Tendon

I had a word of knowledge in my small group for someone’s left achilles being in pain. An intern stood up to say he had pain from running that was at about a 3/10. I and a few others started to pray for him. Nothing happened. After the 3rd prayer it was maybe a little […]

Pain in the neck

We went out on a prayer walk in town with my new small group. At the end, I offered a couple of words of knowledge. One for a pain in the right foot – a guy responded but nothing happened. The other was for some pain in the shoulder. A lady replied that she’d had really […]

Vision – Where are we going?

Over the last few years I’ve been on a hunt. Looking for a movement to Church Plant with. I’m now part of a new community in Central London. We’re in the early days. There’s not much to look at at the moment apart from a group of nice guys who are doing various cool things, […]