Arthritis and a headache healed

I was out in an estate we reach out to with 2 others last month. We had some friendly conversations, but just as we were running out of time, we felt like God had someone else for us to bless. We prayed quickly that He’d lead us to someone, then felt we should walk round the back of one of the block of flats.

Just as we rounded the corner, an older lady shouted at someone in her house and then stormed out of a ground floor apartment and lit up a cigarette.

I’d been reflecting on God’s peace – how he tells the 12 and the 72 to let their peace go out from them (Lk 10), and how His peace is always present tense – not dependant on success or activity, but available right now wherever we’re at: Not in 10 minutes; not in a few months when whatever we’re going to do next happens.

We saw this lady and asked if she needed some peace – she said she’d love some, so we told her how much Jesus loved her and prayed for her to experience God’s presence. She immediately started stubbing out her cigarette and then said she felt much calmer.

As we were praying, my friend sensed that she might have arthritis – she said she did, and I then sensed her right wrist might be getting hot. She said it started burning, and then explained that she’d twice broken her right wrist due to the weakness and it was always painful. She said the pain was always a 7/10.

We prayed a super quick prayer and asked her how it was and matter of factly she said completely fine; she moved the wrist around and put weight on it all without pain – before calmly going back inside.

We went and met up with the rest of the team; another guy shared he had a really bad headache. We shared this testimony and then I commanded His headache to go in the name of Jesus – He was completely better moments later!

I saw her a month later and asked how it was – still completely fine!

Praise Jesus.


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